Courtney I. P. Thomas  received her education at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.  She earned a BA in Political Science in 2002, a MA in Political Science in 2006, and a PhD in Planning, Governance, and Globalization in 2010.

Her research and teaching emphasize: political economy, comparative politics, international relations, food safety and security, mass political violence, and public policy.

Courtney has presented her research at conferences in Ljubljana, Slovenia; Salzburg, Austria; Baltimore, MD; Las Vegas, NV; Austin, TX; San Francisco, CA; and Washington, D.C.

She is adept at teaching large introductory lectures, intermediate courses, advanced seminars, and online classes in a variety of subject areas.  She holds a graduate certificate in Preparing the Future Professoriate and has participated as a presenter at the American Political Science Association’s Teaching & Learning Conferences. She is the lead instructor for the Department of Political Science’s First Year Experience course for all incoming freshmen and transfer students.

Courtney is currently employed as a Visiting Assistant Professor by the Department of Political Science at Virginia Tech where she also serves as the Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies, undergraduate academic advisor, and internship coordinator.  She leads the Political Science orientation sessions and facilitates recruitment efforts. She would be open to a tenure track college/university appointment for the 2018-2019 academic year.

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